Mounts and Minions


Forras and me

This wed site was made to show members of my guild what gear, talents, and basic stats I have.

Mounts and Minions

Paladins are a hybrid class in which they can be holy(heals), protection(tank), and retribution(dps).

The Paladin I play is named Forras. For my style of play I went with retribution(Dps) at first. When I reached  level 80 I duel talent specialization to protection(tank) so that I would be able to help out the guild I am in. With-in this site you will find Forras's gear list, basic stats, and a few other things .

Warlocks are a pure Dps class as they can use shadow, fire, and demons(minions) to deal damage. the Warlocks talents include Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction.

I have two Warlocks I play Tinyklesa and Klesa  both are level 80. I start with a hybrid build (Affliction/Demonology) for leveling. At level 80 I duel talent specialization to Destruction so I am able to put out more damage when raiding.

Both Paladins and Warlocks have special mounts that can be obtained at level 20 and level 40.

Minions can only be summons by a Warlock. There r seven minions that can be summons  with only one up at a time.

With-in this site you will find a list of mounts and minions.   

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